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This unusual species of fish has domesticated shrimp. He lives in coral reefs

We domesticated dogs, sheep, chickens, and even such elusive creatures as bees and parrots, while also forcing wild vegetation such as wheat and corn to grow where we feel comfortable. So we are undoubtedly specialists in domestication, but it looks like we may have competition because we just came across a fish that does the same with shrimp to work on its \"farm\". This is a species of Stegastes diencaeus that spends most of its days exploring the coral reefs of Central America's Belize coast and feeding on its own algae farms. The fish are very proud of them and chase away all creatures that come too close, except the Mysidium integrum shrimp, which are tasked with fertilizing the crop.

A NASA lander is heading to Mars with a postcard from GeekWeek.pl for Martians

In 2019, the American Space Agency created a special website, thanks to which every fan of space exploration could send a card with their data to Mars. All the collected information was saved on a special chip on board the lander. Of course, our message is also there.

Elon Musk showed the Tesla Model S after a facelift. Shuttlecock, games and cosmic acceleration

Elon Musk showed the interior of the long-awaited Model S in its most powerful version - Plaid. This monster is to have as much as 1100 hp, accelerate to a hundred in just 2.1 seconds, accelerate to 320 km / h and have a range of 840 kilometers. After all, the Model S with minor modifications has not really received a facelift in 9 years.

Can the substitute taste like cow's milk? Yes, with the help of yeast

Many people would like to switch to some alternative to milk for various reasons, including health reasons, but the taste of the substitutes turns out to be an obstacle. Because although we can choose from many variants of "plant milk", most of them have some disadvantages, and certainly does not resemble the taste or consistency of classic cow's milk. This problem was solved by an Israeli startup called Imagindairy, co-founded by professor Tamir Tuller from Tel Aviv University, by betting on biologically modified yeast cells for the production of milk and cheese products.

Here is an amazing image of the Apollo landing site on the moon taken from the Earth

NASA has just praised its new acquisition. It is a powerful radar surveillance system designed and built by engineers from Raytheon Intelligence

How can 50,000-year-old Neanderthal droppings help us?

This was based on the 50,000-year-old Neanderthal feces, analysis of which showed that some of the bacteria were already living inside our last common ancestor. It is interesting because literally overnight we discover new tasks and the importance of bacteria, the role of which goes much further than we expected - we already know that the gut microbiome affects metabolism, blood sugar levels, the ability to lose weight, sleep, and also the likelihood of developing various diseases such as diabetes, cancer, sclerosis, heart disease Alzheimer, Parkinson and many others. In short, since our health is so dependent on these microorganisms, we should care for them and learn about them as much as possible, especially since the modern lifestyle, full of processed food and antibiotics, is not conducive to their well-being.

Unreal Engine presents MetaHuman. The photorealism of the character's face knocks you down

Many game fans look for not only good entertainment, but also the greatest possible realism. He is most noticeable in characters. If they are characterized by low-quality graphics, the charm of the game dies away. Unreal Engine, however, intends to bring this element of games to a whole new level, even in cheaper productions.