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This is how we will see the Silver Globe in 2021. Beautiful animation from NASA

Make sure you write down the address of the video and come back to it during the year when you observe the Silver Globe. We would like to remind you that another Chinese mission, this time called Chang'e-6, will land on the surface of the moon.

The Chinese government dipped its fingers in the mysterious Arecibo radio telescope crash?

The most powerful radio telescope in the world, called FAST, was put into use in 2016. Since then, it has attracted little attention from astronomers. They preferred to run their projects at the Puerto Rican Arecibo Observatory. First, the projects were cheaper and the facility was closer to the United States.

Herd immunity to CoVID-19 not yet reached this year?

More than 90 million people have fallen ill with CoVID-19 since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, and for 1.94 million it has proved fatal. And while China has managed to resolve the crisis quite smoothly, the United States and Europe are not doing so well, and now we have to contend with a new strain, the so-called British, which appears to be more infectious. Therefore, the only effective remedy seems to be the vaccination that will achieve herd immunity, provided that about 70% of the population will decide to do so. This is problematic for at least two reasons, firstly, some people do not want to vaccinate, and secondly, we still have problems with the availability of vaccinations.

See the unusual Festo robo-zoo that mimics its live counterparts

The company has already gathered quite a large group of robotic animals, which it proudly presents on the occasion of various exhibitions of the most modern electronics and robotics. The new work of engineers are robotic cuttlefish, robotic spiders, robotic bats, robotic butterflies, robotic jellyfish and robotic arm. In the video below you can see how beautiful these devices look in action, during flight or swimming.

A NASA lander is heading to Mars with a postcard from GeekWeek.pl for Martians

In 2019, the American Space Agency created a special website, thanks to which every fan of space exploration could send a card with their data to Mars. All the collected information was saved on a special chip on board the lander. Of course, our message is also there.

500 million phone numbers of Facebook users for sale online

According to Motherboard, the activity was discovered by a cybersecurity scientist, Alon Gal, who claims that the person selling phone numbers has as many as 533 million of them, and they come from a Facebook vulnerability patched in 2019. You can find many similar databases on the web, but many of them require a lot of skill to extract interesting information, and there is also contact with people interested in buying such data. And here comes the aforementioned bot, which significantly facilitates the criminal procedure - first, it is responsible for connecting the phone number to the account on FB, so it is possible to search for one of these elements having the other.

Elon Musk showed the Tesla Model S after a facelift. Shuttlecock, games and cosmic acceleration

Elon Musk showed the interior of the long-awaited Model S in its most powerful version - Plaid. This monster is to have as much as 1100 hp, accelerate to a hundred in just 2.1 seconds, accelerate to 320 km / h and have a range of 840 kilometers. After all, the Model S with minor modifications has not really received a facelift in 9 years.

Amazon is building the Tower of Babel for the 21st century. The historical project impresses with its panache

The new building looks like the biblical Tower of Babel. The new headquarters will be built in Arlington, Virginia, across the Potomac River from Washington, the capital of the US. It will be the second Amazon headquarters in the United States. The building has not been named yet, but it will be a real architectural masterpiece.