Unreal Engine presents MetaHuman. The photorealism of the character's face knocks you down The best games are almost against photorealism, but the future will bring something even more spectacular. Unreal Engine has just shown us a technology that will change game design beyond recognition.

Many game fans look for not only good entertainment, but also the greatest possible realism. He is most noticeable in characters. If they are characterized by low-quality graphics, the charm of the game dies away. Unreal Engine, however, intends to bring this element of games to a whole new level, even in cheaper productions.

Here is MetaHuman, a technology that enriches the facial expressions of virtual game characters and gives them incredible realism. Although so far we have seen such inventions many times, the new EU child is knocking you down with its advancement. Be sure to check out the footage below. It's hard to realize that these characters don't exist in the real world.

The company's representatives boast that MetaHuman is very WebNews.pro to use, and in addition, in just a few minutes, it can create a face full of details in previously unavailable quality. This means that characters can now be created by anyone, and does not need to be specially trained for such tasks or have extensive experience.

Unreal Engine wants to use its technology not only in games, but also make it available in the form of virtual avatars of people, assistants, e.g. on mobile devices or on board the latest cars. In the meantime, check out MetaHuman's capabilities in the upcoming Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, built for Unreal Engine 5.