This is how we will see the Silver Globe in 2021. Beautiful animation from NASA NASA has prepared a great animation of the Moon's phases and librations in 2020. Thanks to it, we can see how its face will change over the hours and what details of the surface will be visible.

Make sure you write down the address of the video and come back to it during the year when you observe the Silver Globe. We would like to remind you that another Chinese mission, this time called Chang'e-6, will land on the surface of the moon.

During it, the Middle Kingdom will acquire rocks that will later be delivered to our planet and tested in laboratories. Unlike the Chang'e-5 mission, the newest one will land on a completely different part of the moon.

The Chinese want to find out more about the natural resources found there. It is about starting the era of space mining and extracting valuable elements for the functioning of bases.

In October, the SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket will also take vehicles to the Moon, the creation of which will be helped by a famous car designer, known for his work for McLaren, Ferrari, Maserati, BMW and others. As part of the MoonMark project, races of remote-controlled vehicles will take place there (see here).