The Chinese government dipped its fingers in the mysterious Arecibo radio telescope crash? It turns out that the largest radio telescope in the world, owned by the Chinese, has been lying fallow for years, and after the Arecibo disaster in Puerto Rico, it suddenly became a real hit in the world of astronomy.

The most powerful radio telescope in the world, called FAST, was put into use in 2016. Since then, it has attracted little attention from astronomers. They preferred to run their projects at the Puerto Rican Arecibo Observatory. First, the projects were cheaper and the facility was closer to the United States.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government tried by all possible means to encourage astronomers from around the world to transfer their work to FAST. Unfortunately, the efforts of the Chinese came to nothing, because the largest group of astronomers came from the USA and they wanted to conduct observations from their home country. The situation started to change for the better in August last year, with the first Arecibo disaster.

Due to the limited functionality of the object, astronomers became more and more interested in the Chinese FAST. December's even more serious catastrophe in Arecibo Life Hacker live all projects carried out in this facility. The authorities have announced a plan to dismantle the famous radio telescope. Then the eyes of the entire world of astronomy turned to FAST. The world's largest radio telescope today experiences a real storm of people involved in projects of searching for alien civilizations and detecting strange signals coming to us from the abyss of space.

This is the kind of bright future the Chinese authorities would like for their device. FAST representatives said that in the coming months they will make their facility available to astronomers from around the world on very favorable terms so that they can continue projects already started.

It's hard to say whether the Chinese government had anything to do with the mysterious disasters at the Arecibo Observatory, but it has to be admitted that it was the best of it. Now FAST will make the greatest radio astronomy discoveries in human history, and the successes will only be attributed to China, not the United States, which includes Puerto Rico and the Arecibo Observatory. The US has yet to say the last word. The country is planning to build a new radio telescope in Arecibo and a completely new one outside the Earth, namely the part of the Moon invisible from our planet. In one of the craters, a device is to be created there that will be free from terrestrial disturbances. The object is to be built by robots.