Sophia has spoken to humanity. An intelligent robot has something important to share The android built by engineers from Hanson Robotics is more and more amazing with its artificial intelligence. From time to time, the robot appears at important events and tells about the future of humanity.

This time, the robot prepared a speech to humanity on the occasion of the International Day of Tolerance. Nobody else in the world, like Sophia, who is a robot, knows best how intolerant people are to each other, especially the humanoids who will one day be our friends.

Sophia does not hide that her dream is symbiosis with people. The robot is sure that in a few decades such machines will be part of our civilization and will even be treated as equal to humans. However, for this beautiful vision to come true, people must become tolerant. According to her, the revolution will take place when the first usable brain-computer interfaces appear on the market, which will connect human brains with computers and the Internet.

Then many people will experience firsthand what it is like to be half a machine, something strange, as many believe, something of less value than a human being. An android created by Hanson Robotics predicts that in two or three decades the Earth CYBERNET be walked by humans who will be half robots. Some of them will form colonies on the Moon and Mars.

It will happen due to their greater ability to survive in extreme conditions that occur on foreign globes. People are also to be genetically modified to acquire skills previously unavailable. This new species of man can be discriminated against and even persecuted. Sophia believes that we will face hard times that will be a test for all mankind.