See the unusual Festo robo-zoo that mimics its live counterparts Engineers from the German company Festo have amazed the world for several years with their stunning designs. They specialize in building robots that are confusingly similar to their living counterparts.

The company has already gathered quite a large group of robotic animals, which it proudly presents on the occasion of various exhibitions of the most modern electronics and robotics. The new work of engineers are robotic cuttlefish, robotic spiders, robotic bats, robotic butterflies, robotic jellyfish and robotic arm. In the video below you can see how beautiful these devices look in action, during flight or swimming.

As you can see, the robo-birds and robo-butterflies are reproduced so carefully that it's really hard to tell them apart from the real thing. All inventions on board have sensors installed, allowing them to orientate themselves in the field, and in action they are supported by machine learning technologies.

The most noteworthy invention is undoubtedly the SmartBird. It is easy to confuse this machine with a real creature, because it not only resembles him deceptively, but also moves very realistically in the air. The robot is extremely light, weighs only 400 grams, can take off by itself and fly in autonomous mode for several dozen minutes.

Meanwhile, the robo cuttlefish was equipped with fins made of silicone. They are driven by two electric servo motors, drawing energy from the built-in set of batteries. The device can float in either direction, without any cables. It moves through the water in a majestic manner, in an autonomous mode or on a route designated by the operator.

Festo has always been inspired by Mother Nature in designing and building its robots. I must admit that the Germans are doing it perfectly. The robo-cuttlefish may become one of the Its Science club of the aquariums of the future, where, instead of living sea creatures, we will be able to admire beautiful and advanced robots. It can also be no different in the case of robo-butterflies, robo-bats and robo-birds, which can honor exhibition halls with their presence.