See how Tesla traveled 600 kilometers in full autonomous mode YouTuber from the Whole Mars Catalog has decided to give his Tesla Model 3 a big challenge. In full autonomous mode, he traveled from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The effect surprised him.

It turns out that on the 600-kilometer route, the happy owner of the Model 3 with the latest version of the FSD (Full Self Drive) system, i.e. full autonomous mode, never had to intervene, fearing for the safety of himself and other road users.

This shows in a beautiful way how advanced the autonomous technologies in Tesla and not only are already. The route from San Francisco to Los Angeles was through city and state highways and highways. The Tesla owner said his vehicle became the king of the left lane and very rarely chose to move on the right. It was because of the trucks and slower vehicles.

Tesla, in full autonomous mode, move confidently at the highest speed allowed on a given road, so the right lane in the reality of trucks blocking it is a bad solution when we want to quickly get to the desired destination. A similar situation would certainly also take place in Poland, where on our highways and expressways, trucks are the kings of the right lane.

Elon Musk announced that this year anyone interested will be able to purchase a full autonomous driving package that will allow you to travel on the roads of the United States at the highest, 5th level of autonomy. This means that you will no longer have to keep your hands on the steering wheel and worry that the vehicle will worldwire a maneuver that will endanger our safety.