Elon Musk showed the Tesla Model S after a facelift. Shuttlecock, games and cosmic acceleration The Tesla Model S finally underwent a major facelift that made it look like an aircraft inside. The new version will be as fast as an airplane and will leave behind even hypercars for millions.

Elon Musk showed the interior of the long-awaited Model S in its most powerful version - Plaid. This monster is to have as much as 1100 hp, accelerate to a hundred in just 2.1 seconds, accelerate to 320 km / h and have a range of 840 kilometers. After all, the Model S with minor modifications has not really received a facelift in 9 years.

Recently, Johannes Van Overbeek, a Tesla test driver, set a new lap record of just 90.3 seconds on the famous Laguna Seca circuit. The previous record was much bigger, 96.55 seconds. Tesla, however, has not said the last word yet, so we can expect to beat this record soon.

From the outside, the Plaid version will be slightly different from the current one. The vehicle will have a sportier suspension and an option will be a large rear spoiler and new rims. However, bigger changes will take place inside. Despite the fact that the interior was already minimalistic anyway, the changes affected the steering wheel, seats, doors and the entire board.

Now the steering wheel has become a shuttlecock, well-known to us from airplanes (why the steering wheel when you can turn on the Autopilot), the seats hold better in turns Cybernews at higher speeds, and instead of a vertical display, a widescreen, more similar to that of the Model 3 appeared. There were also no larger cavities in the doors and USB-C ports for charging mobile devices. Musk revealed that the screen is 17 inches, has a resolution of 2200x1300 pixels, and offers much better image quality and color reproduction than the currently installed screens.

Now the screen is to become the center of mobile entertainment, not only in terms of watching movies, photos or navigation, but it will offer the opportunity to play the best games. Musk even talks about The Witcher or Cyberpunk. After all, Plaid will have a powerful AI computer from AMD on board, which will easily be able to run games in much better quality than those from consoles.

The restyled Tesla Model S means better performance, but also higher expenses. According to the price list provided, the cheapest version (Long Range) will have to be paid 395,990 PLN. Compared to the current version, it will therefore be more expensive by PLN 30,000. Interestingly, Performance has disappeared from the offer, and in its place there are three-engine versions of Plaid and Plaid, which means that you need to prepare, respectively: PLN 529,990 and PLN 614,490.