A NASA lander is heading to Mars with a postcard from GeekWeek.pl for Martians In less than a month, a new rover called Perseverance and the first drone in history, called Ingenuity, will land on the surface of Mars. There is a Polish accent in this great mission of NASA, namely the website.

In 2019, the American Space Agency created a special website, thanks to which every fan of space exploration could send a card with their data to Mars. All the collected information was saved on a special chip on board the lander. Of course, our message is also there.

NASA announces that it will be a groundbreaking mission in the history of research on the Red Planet. After the first few weeks of research, the rover and drone are to get clear evidence of life on this mysterious globe. Scientists believe that we will discover traces of biological CYBERBIT that inhabited the planet billions of years ago, when it resembled today's Earth.

The robots will explore an area where there was once a huge body of water, where perhaps biological life flourished. This is the delta region of the Jezero Crater, which is located on the edge of Isidis Planitia, a giant basin north of the planet's equator. Scientists chose this area because of the oldest and most interesting geological forms of the Red Planet there.

The most important part of Mars exploration will be drilling into the ground and taking rock samples. After that, they will be tightly packed and can be picked up by future missions and then delivered to Earth for more in-depth study. Interestingly, the Polish Space Agency will take part in this risky undertaking.

The landing on the surface of Mars of a rover and drone from NASA will take place on February 18. The agency will then have at its disposal as many as three different exploring robots on Mars. In addition to the Mars 2020 mission, a spacecraft and rover from China and an orbiter from the United Arab Emirates will also appear on this mysterious globe.