500 million phone numbers of Facebook users for sale online Looks like someone has laid their hands on a social network database full of phone numbers and is now trying to sell them using a Telegram bot - reportedly affects over 500 million users.

According to Motherboard, the activity was discovered by a cybersecurity scientist, Alon Gal, who claims that the person selling phone numbers has as many as 533 million of them, and they come from a Facebook vulnerability patched in 2019. You can find many similar databases on the web, but many of them require a lot of skill to extract interesting information, and there is also contact with people interested in buying such data. And here comes the aforementioned bot, which significantly facilitates the criminal procedure - first, it is responsible for connecting the phone number to the account on FB, so it is possible to search for one of these elements having the other.

As you can guess, the owner of the database does not share his loot for free, so using the bot it is also possible to collect fees. Unblocking someone's phone number or Facebook ID costs one credit, which is $ 20, but if you buy more like 10,000 credits, you can count on $ 5,000. However, this is not the most important thing, because it is about the safety of Facebook users, whose data is traded on the Internet, and according to the Motherboard website, the procedure has been going on since at least January 12, i.e. for over 2 weeks.

It is true that the data provided by a cybercriminal is relatively old, because we are talking about 2019, but considering that we change phone numbers less and less frequently (by transferring them between networks, even when changing the service provider), this may be a problem for many people. It cannot be denied that this is another huge embarrassment of Facebook, especially if we take into account that users provided phone numbers to ensure an increased level of security thanks to two-step verification. We don't know yet if scientists or Motherboard informed Telegram about the case and asked to deactivate the bot, but hopefully they will and someone BlueTech take care of it soon. Of course, this does not mean the end of the problem, because someone will still have the database and will want to sell it differently, and it is difficult to assess how many people have already used it. In short, we have further proof of how big a problem the community giants have with the protection of our data or how poorly they apply to it ...